Robert LiKamWa
Assistant Professor
Arizona State University

AME - Arts, Media and Engineering
ECEE - Electrical, Computer
     and Energy Engineering

Office: Stauffer B201
Email: likamwa (@)

likamwa (@)

Educational Background

  • 2012-2016, Rice University
    Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Supported by Texas Instruments Graduate Fellowship
  • 2010-2012, Rice University
    M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • 2006-2010, Rice University
    B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Minor in Computational and Applied Mathematics

Work History

  • Spring 2015, Samsung Mobile Processor Innovation Lab (Dallas, Texas)
    Intern for Dr. Manish Goel in System-on-Chip Team
  • Summer 2013, Microsoft Research Redmond (Redmond, Washington)
    Research Intern for Dr. Matthai Philipose in Mobility & Networking Research
  • Summer 2012, Microsoft Research Redmond (Redmond, Washington)
    Research Intern for Dr. Victor Bahl in Mobility & Networking Research
  • Summer 2011, Microsoft Research Asia (Beijing, China)
    Research Intern for Dr. Yunxin Liu in Wireless & Networking Group
  • 2007-2010, Baylor College of Medicine
    Undergraduate Researcher and Web Developer for Dr. David Eagleman, Neuroscientist
  • Summer 2008, National Institute of Standards and Technology (Boulder, CO)
    Undergraduate Intern for Dr. Loren Goodrich in Superconductor Laboratory
  • Summer 2005, University of Central Florida
    Teaching Assistant for BHCSI (Java Instructor for High School Summer Camp)

Professional Service

  • 2017: MobiCom '17 Technical Program Committee Member
  • 2017: HotMobile '17 Technical Program Committee Member
  • 2017: HotMobile '17 Publication Chair
  • 2017: MobiSys '17 Web Chair
  • 2017: SECON '17 Publicity Chair
  • 2016: MobiCom '16 Social Chair
  • 2016: MobiSys '16 Poster/Demo/Video Regional Chair (North America)
  • 2015: MobiCASE '15 Technical Program Committee Member
  • 2015: MobiSys '15 Publicity Chair
  • 2015: IPSN '15 Shadow Technical Program Committee Member
  • 2014: MobiCASE '14 Publicity Chair

Honors & Awards

  • 2018: HotMobile, Best Poster Award
  • 2017: HotMobile, Best Poster Award


  • 2014: MobiCom, Second Place Student Research Competition (Pitch, Poster, and Presentation)
  • 2014: MobiSys, Best Ph.D. Forum Presentation
  • 2014: Rice Graduate Student Association, R. L. Patten Award for graduate student service and achievement
  • 2013: MobiSys, Best Paper
  • 2011: PhoneSense @ SenSys Workshop, Best Paper
  • 2011: MobiCom S3 Workshop, Best Ph.D. Forum Presentation (5 minute short-talk)
  • 2010: Texas Instruments Graduate Fellowship


  • 2010: Third Place Texas Instruments Engibous Prize
  • 2010: First Place Texas Instruments Analog Design Contest
  • 2010: Best Interdisciplinary Senior Design Project
  • 2010: Fourth Place Overall Rice International Business Plan Competition
  • 2010: Final Round Queen's Entrepreneurship Competition
  • 2009-2010: Louis J. Walsh Scholarship in Engineering
  • 2009: Rice Engineering Alumni Scholarship
  • 2008: 1st Place Rice AMD Verilog Design Competition
  • 2006: Rice University Century Scholar
  • 2006: Rice University Trustee Distinguished Scholarship

My Surname: LiKamWa

Most Chinese descendants have single character surnames, such as 王(Wang), 黄(Huang), or 唐(Tang). In fact, if not for my Mauritian lineage, my surname would be 李(Li). But instead, I have a unique last name which is only held by descendants of my great-grandfather.

LiKamWa is a rough European transcription of my great-grandfather's full name, which is 李金華(li3 jin1 hua4 in Mandarin pinyin). This was taken down as his surname when he emigrated from Southern China to the African island Mauritius. Ever since, this has been my family's surname. From my grandfather Louis LiKamWa, to my father Patrick LiKamWa, to me, we have proudly carried our name throughout the generations.

This means that I am the only Robert LiKamWa in the history of the world. As a result, for better or for worse, I am easily and uniquely searchable online (this is not the case with Robert Li).

I am proud of my name and I am proud of my heritage. And yes, it is extremely fun to tell people I am Chinese by blood, Mauritian through Section 20(3) and 23 of the Mauritian Constitution, British from birth, and American through citizenship (since July 2008).

Wikipedia has more info on Sino-Mauritian culture and identity.

I prefer to have my last name spelled "LiKamWa" with no spaces, but capitalization on the syllables.

In case you're curious, my Chinese name is 李荣強(li3 rong2 qiang2), given to me by my grandmother. I never use this name.